123 Ukulele Tuner Tips

  1. Click a Letter above and the note will play on repeat. This note is perfectly tuned, so listen closely!
  2. Pluck a String on your ukulele and see if it matches the one coming from the ukulele tuner above
  3. Tune the String on your uke until it sounds just like the one you hear on the ukulele tuner and do this for each string.

Ukulele Tuner

Now is the time to tune your uke, so don't fly all the way to Hawaii looking for help! Use this ukulele tuner whenever your uke needs to sound perfect.

123Ukulele Tuner.com brings you that sweet ukulele sound you crave. The audio quality is perfect and the ukulele tuner is fun to click on.

Enjoy this app as you travel the world with a uke! Send us your latest ukulele songs, because here at 123Ukulele Tuner.com, we can't seem to get enough. The goal is for this site to develop into a super helpful resource with guest appearances by noteworthy musicians and groups.

Let us know of any tunings you'd like to see added. The video below is from a baritone ukulele and demonstrates the instruments flexibility with other genres, in this case jazz. Be sure and try to play the 123 collection of uke chords. It's an easy way to write your first ukulele song and entertain people around the campfire (or living room). This is a portable instrument and easy to bring along on road trips.

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